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Available Check Cashing Limits are available for Marquee Reward members with no fee. Checks are subject to immediate deposit.

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Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway Credit

For your convenience and benefit we offer the ability of applying online to establish a credit line. At Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway our intention is to provide you with the best possible service. Below are the facts about our credit policies:

Repayment Period

Marker Amount    Maximum Time
$2,500+                  30 Days

Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway reserves the right to deposit markers at any time prior to the maximum time set forth, without notice.

Rules of Credit Usage

1. The issuance of credit is solely for gaming purposes at Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway.
2. All of your play must be rated on the gaming floor by use of your Marquee Rewards card.
3. In the event you win, you must repay your markers prior to departing the facility.
4. In the event you lose less than the entire amount of the marker(s), you must repay the remaining amount in your possession prior to departing the facility.

Repayment Process

Markers can be paid at any time within the repayment period. Payments can be, according to disposition, made by cash, chips, cashier or personal check. If the marker is not paid within 30 days, it will be deposited (like a check) and the funds will be collected from your financial institution. All markers set for deposit are subject to a clearing time period determined by Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway; during this time your account may not be available.

Personal Check Payments

If you choose to write a personal check to pay/redeem your marker(s), the check must be drawn from the account disclosed in your credit application. When a check payment is received, the check will be deposited the next banking day. All mailed checks should be sent to the address below:

Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway
ATTN: Accounting
777 Hollywood Blvd
Dayton, OH 45414

Privacy Disclosure

Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway restricts access to personal information collected from our customers to those individuals who need to know the information in order to process credit applications or provide other services. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural controls to safeguard non-public personal information.

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